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High Cost of Missing Information - Pitfalls of Just Too Much Data


Seattle, Washington, Dec, 2013 – The Internet has made "Everyone a Publisher of Information" and as a result the amount of new information produced every year is estimated to be between one and two Exabyte’s. This is a very large amount of information to grasp let alone manage effectively – for example the entire printed collection of the U. S. Library of Congress contains a total of 10 Terabytes of information (10^12 bytes) in comparison to one Exabyte of data which equals a billion gigabytes (10^18 bytes).

This ever increasing stream of new information is causing major problems in the workplace as workers try to deal with more information than they can possibly manage and process effectively.

This information overload results in a loss of productivity and time, creating a tremendous resource cost to the enterprise as workers cannot find the information that they require and a result, make poor business decisions based upon faulty or incomplete data.

Many companies have spent 100’s of thousands of dollars implementing a corporate intranet portal designed to organize their ever increasing volumes of information, only to learn that they cannot effectively manage the workload and end up misplacing valuable data.

Term Management, LLC has been working with company executives who overwhelmingly agree that quick access to information is the basis for improved decision making that leads to immediate bottom line results, increased worker productivity and contributes to less duplication of effort within the enterprise. "The key to their success is a well-managed corporate intranet with a well-designed Taxonomy Road-Map in place." said Mike Doane - Principal at Term Management, LLC a leading Taxonomy Consulting Organization. “The bottom line is that if your company’s intranet does not have a current Taxonomy Roadmap in place - then you will be wasting valuable economic resources and missing new business opportunities.”

To learn more about how the science of taxonomy can be used to organize your company’s intranet, improve search, help workers find and share information more effectively and provide a quicker and more realistic ROI payback for their SharePoint Portal 2010 investment - Contact Us at (206) 261-7477 or visit

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