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10 Practical Steps in Planning Your Company's Taxonomy Road-Map


Taxonomy Governance Planning Newsletter: What, How, and Why?

Taxonomies are valuable additions to any intranet portal, but are especially important in SharePoint 2010 implementations because they can help to build all-important positive momentum toward user adoption by making search and navigation more relevant and useful.

This tends to improve the ‘buzz’ around a new SharePoint portal project, and can help with evangelizing the benefits of using the portal.

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Over the next 10 days you will receive our 10-step process based upon "Taxonomy Governance Planning: What, How, and Why" written by  Mike Doane - Principal at Term Management, LLC a leading Taxonomy Consulting Organization.

These taxonomy principals can be used to enable increased information findability, improve search and provide a quicker and more realistic ROI for the organization.

We recommend that the taxonomy planning team consider the following 10 steps as Best Practices for evaluating, implementation and eventually maintaining taxonomies within its SharePoint 2010 intranet portal:

1. Create a Value Proposition – What defines success and value for the taxonomies?

2. Audit Content – What is the content that matters most to employees?

3. Evaluate Existing Taxonomies – Are they still relevant?

4. Interview Stakeholders – Who knows what’s needed?

5. Prioritize Needs – What should the team work on first?

6. Evaluate Syndicated Taxonomies – Build or buy, or both?

7. Plan Revisions – When are the changes going to be made?

8. Create New Taxonomies – How are new taxonomies built?

9. Plan System Integration – How do the taxonomies get integrated into SharePoint?

10. Plan for Governance – Who is going to maintain the taxonomies?

To learn more about how easy it is to kick-off an effective Taxonomy Road-Map Project, which can directly impact your company’s bottom line. Call us at 206-261-7477 or visit our Taxonomy Page


If you would like to view the entire 10 Practical Steps Document - Click Here


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